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Moon Creations

Apollo, Casteal, and Raven Nox's graphic arts

Moon Creations: Graphic arts
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This community is used by xxi_love_life_x (formerly maceys_apollo), raven_nox and me, remiem (formerly damaged_wing) to post our various artwork.

The current layout was designed by remiem. It features the main cast from Final Fantasy XIII. Coding is by caliberstrife_.

1) Please don't steal anything. It's not nice.

2) Please don't direct link. We don't like having our bandwidth tossed around without us knowing.

3) Please credit us for our work. Also, comment before taking anything and tell us what you're taking so we know what style works for us (plus it's just nice to know where our work is going). If you want to critique our work, it is appreciated, but please don't insult us.

4) Please don't edit our work in any way. If you want us to add something to it, just ask. Textless things are NOT bases unless we specifically say so. You're free to edit any coding for LJ layouts as much as you want, just please credit us for the coding (unless it's otherwise been noted that someone else created the coding, in which case, please credit them).

5) Requests are 100% welcome. Please make all requests for things made by made by xxi_love_life_x in this post only, or for things made by raven_nox in this post only. Sorry, but requests for things made by remiem are currently closed. I do, however, take commissions. PM me if you're interested.

6) Affiliates are welcome as well. Just ask in the most recent post.

Awards: damaged_wing/remiem, xxi_love_life_x, raven_nox

ALL ARCHIVES CAN BE FOUND BY TAGS NOW. If everything in the whole post has been removed from anyone's photobucket account, it is not tagged.

NOTICE: Photobucket compressed many of the icons in the old entries. If this compression has blurred out text or ruined the quality of the icon, please leave a comment on the most recent entry and let me know which one you want, and I might be able to get you the uncompressed version if I still have it. - remiem


Brush/Texture credits (if you don't see your name, just mention in the comments that you made some of the brushes we've used. I have a crappy memory, so I might need a reminder):
_joni, blimey_icons, 100x100_brushes, afterism,
miggy, iroka, _coquettish, cassie47,
_goddess, carbon_paper, haito, scarsonchest,
dj43, orphen, soulspring, dearest,
cdg, colorfilter, omgkthx, ohpaintbrush,
jeweledicecream, icon_goddess, ashke_icons, coolchick_lena, arisubox, bittenicons,
minusthewalrus, ruuk, customer_mimi, graphicjunkie, ladylenne, aetter,
bombayicons, 77words, gaelic_aoife, icon_extras, yunhe,
ewanism, lanitha, myrasis, september_icons,
gorehead, discordandnight, filipinoz_rule, immoral, killanidea, jubilli, hylin,
icontemplation, incripacu, firaga, samuraiblues,
awmpdotnet, my_givenchy, caugraphs, victoriaely, ianthinae, risha666, sensi_incanto, lil_brokenangel, chained_angel13, lookslikerain, erniemay, fall_out_grrl, loveicon, iconographer, distractiions, skyoflove, tipsiicons, xonlyashesx, memora_obscura, g_a_fanatik, graphic_sl, blue_emotion, clockwisedoom, joel_le, Oxoniensis, Aethereality, Obsidian Dawn,
Whatever this place is called, Moon Wave, Komet Tails,
Tre-Textures, Digital Bristle, Imagination, Dying Beauty Stock

Tutorial credits:
vixias, akaich0u, mizugazipan, __gunner

If you would like credit for a tutorial that you've made and I've used, please tell me so in the post with the icon that I got using the tutorial. I would just put all of the names here, but that would most likely take me hours (I put in the few that I remember).

Font credits:

Image credits (please check this list before asking where we got an image from, thanks. I've tried to keep it more up-to-date lately.):
FF Shrine
Final Fantasy Desert Garden
Creative Uncut
Gloriosa (Final Fantasy VII compilation)
Kingdom Hearts II (opening and ending FMVs)
Ninja & Samurai (CloudxYuffie images)
Star Ocean fanart (2) (3) (4)
Alexis Bledel images
Emily Browning images
Karen Gillan images
Robert Pattison images
Degrassi images
FFVII: AC screencaps (2)
Ambrosia (Final Fantasy XII)
Fior di Battaglia (Final Fantasy XII, Larsa)
Show You the Sky (Final Fantasy XII, Vaan and Penelo)
Art by seii_monogatari (I have permission from her to use it - damaged_wing/remiem)
Hay Lin's page (W.I.T.C.H.)
W.I.T.C.H. issues 1-48
W.I.T.C.H. issues 48+
W.I.T.C.H. issues 8, 28, 54, 55, 56, and World Cup special